Why Video Should Be at the Centre of Your Strategy

Is the video revolution influencing your recruitment approach?

Video is changing the way we view and interact with the world. It’s how we get our news, consume entertainment, learn new skills, and share information. In the UK, internet video traffic will be responsible for 80% of all internet traffic in 2020 according to Cisco, and it’s steadily transforming the way marketing works. It’s no longer a question of should video be at the centre of your recruitment strategy, but why is it not already? The power of video as a recruitment tool can’t be overstated. Recent research highlights cost savings, faster hires, and greater candidate reach as just some of the reasons why talent leaders need to sit up and start creating video content.

We’ve brought together some of the reasons why you should be using video as part of your hiring process, below.

Show Off Your Employer Brand and Culture

Even the most well-written job posting can’t give candidates a glimpse into who you really are. Video is a far more effective medium to demonstrate who you are as a business and to give potential candidates an insight into your culture and values. Videos allow you to bring your unique story to life and show what a great place you are to work, rather than simply talking about it. 

Create a Personal Connection

Video has become democratised. Almost everyone has powerful editing and video creation software in their pocket. This technological shift has sparked a new generation of online influencers and celebrities who have grown their success through video content creation and social media. The explosion of ‘real’ content creators has made video feel like a deeply personal form of communication – something that recruiters and marketers can leverage to ensure their message is heard.

Get More Attention

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of similar job listings. Videos ensure that you stand out from the crowd. This is supported by recent research from CareerBuilder, who found that job listings with videos were 12% more likely to be viewed than those without. They also reported a 34% greater application rate for roles advertised with video content. In addition to gaining more direct attention online, videos are highly sharable, and combining recruitment videos with social media can help news of your new role to spread quickly to a wide audience.

Reduce Costs and Time to Hire

The cost of recruitment is a vital metric when reviewing marketing tools. Videos offer excellent value for money while video interviews can further reduce costs when used as part of the hiring process. Reduction in time to hire can also have a beneficial impact on your bottom line, and video has been shown to cut the length of the recruitment cycle dramatically. Research from Aberdeen Group shows that video interviews can cut time to hire by 60%.

Appeal to the Next Generation of Workers

For many millennials and gen Z behind them, video is not a form of communication, it’s the form of communication. A report from Comscore, commissioned by Google, found that millennials prefer online platforms to TV when it comes to video content, with 62% taking action after viewing a video ad. Recruiters who fail to tap into the potential of video content risk being left behind.

As we get ready to enter a new decade, is your recruitment strategy up to scratch? Get in touch with the Digital Focus Creatives team today to discover how a recruitment video can help to tell your story.

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